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Those looking for a gentle and casual experience might well be at home in Slice of Life. We're an easy-going bunch, particularly happy to welcome UK and Euro players. Alts very welcome. Contact: Gwynnie (
About Us
"We see mithril champion arrows in your future..."

Slice of Life is a small, UK-based family guild on the Erollisi Marr server. We are a friendly crew who play on a casual basis. We are EQ veterans who hang here to escape life, raiding and other games.

If you're looking for somewhere quiet to hang out drop us a line. UK and Euro players particularly welcome.

Good sense of humour and relaxed, helpful attitude essential!

Ker, Gwyn and Freu
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FreudianSliip, Sep 17, 10 5:01 AM.
To great fanfair Boney dings 71 and can join Ker and Gwynnie on the AA trail.......

Ker and Gwynnie ding 70!

keredh, Sep 13, 10 5:47 AM.
So just Boney to ding and then we're on the way to level-locking at 71 for some serious AA farming. Great stuff!

And it's 69 for the ranger

keredh, Sep 9, 10 7:59 PM.
A ferocious series of battles in Wall of Slaughter, including several deaths, and even more dead named! At the end of it all, the ranger finished at 69 with a few runes, while the cleric got a rune and a nice alt ring. A very productive evening.

Patch notes for September 8th, 2010

keredh, Sep 9, 10 7:56 AM.

Here are the patch notes from this morning's game update as posted by Kiara on the EQ Forums:

*** Highlights ***

  • Norrathians are losing sleep. Fear is losing its hold over people. Keep your eyes open for events happening throughout Norrath.
  • The Loyalists of EverQuest program is now live! All subscribers will get weekly rewards for having an active subscription see the special section below for details.
  • We are continuing to implement requests we received at Fan Faire. These are marked with asterisks below.


*** Loyalists of EverQuest ***

  • Loyalists of EverQuest is a program for our loyal EverQuest customers. For simply continuing to subscribe to our game you will gain a special currency (crowns) every week that can be spent on items to improve your game play. There is no additional charge for the items you find on this vendor. You will not need to spend station cash, nor buy Legends of Norrath packs to gain these items. Simply continue to play our game. Seek out Alerynril the Loyal in Plane of Knowledge for the current loyalty items.
  • The amount of crowns you gain each week will increase for every month that you have a continued subscription to EverQuest. This increase in points per week caps out after 12 months. This is the "Velocity" you see on the welcome screen. The specific method of subscription is not important, as long as you continue to stay subscribed each month. Additionally, long term subscribers will gain an initial bonus of crowns, depending upon the duration of their subscription. For each month your subscription lapses, you will lose three months of velocity.
  • NOTE: Loyalty points are shared across all your characters on all servers. Choose which character gets the rewards carefully!

*** Items ***

  • Several Underfoot Cosgrove raid seals have had their focus effects increased to bring them in line with the rest of the raid seals.
  • Whirlwind now has a level cap on its stun component.

*** Quests & Events ***

  • Trial of Creation Lowered the radius on the Jeweled Golem's AE spell by 33 percent.*
  • Unstable Creation Corrected errors in the challenge mode transition for this event. Restored the second chest when it is defeated in challenge mode.
  • The First Creation The First Creation has had his wild rampage damage reduced. His normal rampage damage was not changed.*
  • The First Creation Once the healing phase of his event begins, The First Creation will summon skirmishers less often.*

*** Spells ***


  • The Aurora line of spells will now generate a minimal amount of hate when used. They should be otherwise unaffected.


  • Feralization will now reduce target accuracy for all melee skills rather than just one hand blunt.

*** Miscellaneous ***

  • Improved the pathing in Discord to help reduce warping issues with Pallorax and other NPCs in the zone.*

*** UI ***

  • Updated icon files.
  • Changed
    • EQUI_Animations.xml

*** Previously Updated ***

  • Changed several Underfoot raids to make them easier*.


The EverQuest Team

Ding 68!

FreudianSliip, Sep 7, 10 4:47 AM.
Brief splatterisation of mobs in NC caused Freud to ding 68!  Unfortunately the named were all hiding or had left their runes at home :(
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